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eurekaficfinder's Journal

Eureka FanFiction Finder
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Looking for a story that you read but can't remember where? Can't remember the title? Only remember a few random bits? This is the place for you. All genres welcome, gen/slash/het/rps.

This is a place where you can ask for both a specific story and a genre of stories from Eureka.

Do NOT flood the community with the same request again and again. If no one has answered, it's possible no one knows of the story you're talking about. You must wait a MINIMUM of three weeks before you ask again.

If someone finds your story, PLEASE edit your post with a link to the story so that those who would like to read it don't have to go through the comments to see if anyone has answered. To find out how to make a link, if you don't already know, check out the FAQ section.

Off topic posts will be deleted without warning. Off topic posts would be, looking for an episode, a picture, a website, a quote etc. The only thing posted here should be posts that are looking for a story or a genre of stories from Eureka.

Any questions, email me at forcryinoutloud @ gmail dot com